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Home Office Part 2 - The Monitors!

Part 2!

A lot of my home office recommendations and my home office setup is all about adjustment and the monitors and stands are no exception. You will almost never find a product that is perfectly made to suit your seating setup, or torso length, or height. What you can find are products that are adjustable and let you make your workspace fit you. You can adjust the monitors to the correct height and orientation, you can adjust your chair to fit your preferred seating style, and you can adjust your desk height to the perfect level. All of this adjustment gives you the best opportunity to have an ergonomic workspace. Make your office fit you.

The Monitors

Don't work from your laptop screen alone! One of the great benefits of a home office is the screen real estate vs just working from your kitchen table on your laptop. Mine are dual 1600x900 20 inch LG monitors that I bought a long time ago and have served their purpose. The screen real estate dual 20 inch or above is very nice when multitasking, but if I were to buy today I'd be eyeballing a super ultrawide monitor, the minimum being 43-inch like Samsung's CJ89, which is equivalent to 2 24 inch monitors side by side with no bezel. There are other options like the 49-inch Philips 499P9H that would be equivalent to dual 27-inch monitors. Whatever you get, built-in USB-C hub is a worthy feature to be on the lookout for. The pricing for these monitors is steep, but when you compare it to 2 QHD monitors, plus a USB-C hub it becomes much more reasonable.

Whatever your solution is for multi-monitor or large format monitors, I wouldn't run them on the factory stand. Desk mounts that just clamp onto your desk and hold multiple monitors are cheap and easy to find on Amazon, mine cost right about $30 on amazon. The benefit you get is pretty much infinite adjustment of your monitor setup, and massive savings on the space taken up on your work surface letting you leave your laptop set up easily as a 3rd monitor, or even just space for your speakers.

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