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Learning to use free and low cost wireless tools

I’ve got Ekahau Pro with a SideKick. Yes, I’m bragging. It’s the Binford 9000 of wireless tools for those of you that remember Home Improvement, and it’s expensive. I’ve got a professional set of tools because I’m a network engineer that deals primarily with wireless in my day to day. To summarize: I bought a big expensive backhoe because I dig a lot of holes everyday and the ROI made sense.

But what if I only need to dig holes every once in a while? Well, I would have bought a shovel.

There are a lot of good, inexpensive wireless tools out there, and Devin Akin has put together a course to show you how to use them, why to use them, and to teach you some wireless fundamentals along the way. Devin is no stranger to crafting great wireless content, as one of the founders of the CWNP program, CWNE #1 and evangelist and trainer for a few different manufacturers his CV runs deep. I’ve taken a few of his courses and always came away astounded at how energetic a wireless course can be, and the depth of knowledge that Devin can articulate to a wide variety of attendees.

The new course is the Wireless Adjuster Course, and revolves around the use of a WiFi scanner, originally a very simple tool that just shows SSID, channel, and maybe a nice view of channel overlap. These tools have evolved over the last few years and we now have great options like WiFi Explorer from Adrian Granados that show an assortment of information about the infrastructure, and is one of my go to tools when I first get on site. It’s an invaluable part of my toolkit, and has a free, $20, and $99 tier.

I’m going to be attending the course February 6th and 7th in Salem NH, and am quite looking forward to learning more about some of the tools I already have, and learning more from Devin. I’ll have a follow up blog on course content and my thoughts after the class.

You can sign up for the course at

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