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Wireless Adjuster - A Best Practices Guide

I was lucky enough to attend Devin Akin’s Wireless Adjuster level II course in Salem NH this past week, and I’m really glad I did.

Devin is no stranger to creating new classes, programs, and courseware. Most of you reading are familiar with his most famous, CWNP. Wireless Adjuster II falls somewhere just above CWNA. It is really less about foundational knowledge and more about being able to quickly look at best practices and common problems utilizing wireless analyzers like WiFi Explorer Pro (my favorite) inSSIDer, and WinFi. You’ll definitely get a refresher on a lot of CWNA topics, but that’s less about the courseware, and more about Devin being filled with a phenomenal understanding of the standard, and an ability to answer questions with a phenomenally in depth response.

The goals of the Wireless Adjuster align with a lot of what I see when I go onto customer sites for surveys triggered by trouble reports, and troubleshooting call outs. I see the same basic problems like channel width, OBSS, basic rates, too many SSIDs, and DTIM as a direct result of customers leaving everything to default values, and most manufacturers having terrible default values. It’s incredibly rare for me to go onto a customer site that is having problems that has those values configured correctly.

I’m not going to spoil the class for you, but I will say it has my wholehearted recommendation. It’s pretty inexpensive, it’s only 2 days, and I know I always learn something from Devin whenever we get to chatting.

You can sign yourself up at and go and enjoy it for yourself.

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